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The Home Depot Home Services can connect you with a skilled Local Pro you can trust to help with your deck and fence installation, repair and replacement projects, wherever or whenever they arise.

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When it comes to building a new deck or installing a new fence, hiring a professional with experience helps ensure that your project is done right. They can also thoroughly examine your existing fence or deck and advise on whether you need a replacement. Simply pick the deck or fence service you want and get matched with up to 3 qualified and vetted Local Pros. Then, choose your preferred Local Pro and get your project completed on your terms.

Deck Building and Fence Installation Services Available in Lévis

Chain Link Fence Installation

Choose affordable, no-fuss fencing solutions with chain link fence installation from a skilled Local Pro.
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Fence Installation

Protect your yard with new vinyl fence installation or wood fence installation & or choose from a wide range of materials to get it done right.
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Deck Installation

Hire a skilled Local Pro to construct a brand-new deck in your backyard or to replace your existing one.
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Deck Repair

Want to spruce up your worn-out deck? Find an experienced deck repair professional to do the job for you.
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Gate Repair

Improve the security of your yard with a gate repair service from a qualified Local Pro in your area.

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Fence Painting

Brighten up your fence with a fresh coat of paint with the help of a Local Pro.
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Deck Painting

Find an experienced Pro to help put the finishing touches on a new deck or bring new vitality on an existing one.
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Things to Consider for Your Deck Building or Fence Installation Project

It's always a good idea to do some preliminary research and have a basic idea of what you want before you hire a deck builder or fencer installer.

Purpose Is it to improve security and privacy in your backyard or is it simply to make it a more enjoyable space? Are you looking for a deck to create a space to host gatherings or set up a cozy spot for the family?
Budget Browse The Home Depot online and shop for estimates to set your expectations early on. Your budget can depend on the deck foundation and accents you end up choosing.
Material and Cost Material and cost go hand-in-hand. If you're working with a bigger budget, you can opt for cedar wood for rustic appeal, but for a smaller budget, you might want to stick to pressure-treated wood.
Design and Layout Composite products are available in a range of colours, while natural wood decks and fences may give you the classic look you want. You can also explore different deck or fence layouts to suit your home.
Additional Features

Consider the design features for your fencing, the type of gate, the type of railings you want for your deck, or any other add-ons such as built-in pergolas, benches and tables.

Why Choose a Local Pro Deck Builder or Fence Installer

Background Checked

Rated and Reviewed

All Local Pros are independently background checked. All Local Pros are trusted professionals who are rated and reviewed by homeowners like you.

✓ Save Time and Money

The DIY route can seem most rewarding but is not necessarily the quickest or cheapest. That's because a Local Pro Deck Builder or Fence Installer has the skills and experience to get any job done right.

✓ Stress Less

With a Local Pro, there's no need to figure out the best materials or design for your deck or fence project & they take care of all of that for you.

✓ Get Things Done

Our deck builders and fence installers can take care of multiple jobs in a single visit. If you want your old fence repaired and a new one installed in the front yard, let your Local Pro know and cross all those tasks off your list.

The Home Depot thrives off relationships. From customer and store to homeowners and local contractors, we not only provide an extensive list of home hardware products, but we also foster connections with hundreds of local, licensed trade professionals.

Get matched with some of the best deck contractors and fence installers in Lévis who have been independently background-checked. Then, let them help you take care of your deck or fence installation or repair needs at your home.

You can rest easy knowing that our Local Pros serving Lévis and the surrounding Quebec are handpicked based on expertise and accreditation and have the skills to execute any deck and/or fence project.

Ready to refresh or install a deck and/or fence?

How It Works

Step 1

Choose Your Service and Submit a Local Pro Request

Select from the available deck and fence services and submit your online request. You will be contacted by phone or email within 24 - 48 hours of your request. By choosing a Home Depot Local Pro, you support your local community.

Step 2

Compare Local Pros in Lévis

After selecting your service and submitting a request, you will be contacted by up to three Local Pro deck or fence contractors based on your job request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability and obtain a quote.

Step 3

Hire Your Preferred Local Pro

Once you've decided - hire the Local Pro that fulfills your criteria. After the job is complete, leave a review to share your experience of how it went, and help fortify our network of great Local Pros.

deck builders fencing Jobs Completed in Lévis

The Home Depot Home Services can connect you with a skilled Local Pro you can trust to help with your deck and fence installation, repair and replacement projects, wherever or whenever they arise.

What should I do after I've matched with Local Pros?

  • Take the time to vet each Local Pro that contacts you by reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers so you can be confident in their ability to get the job done
  • Verify that the information given to you by the Local Pros and shown in their profiles are up to date, either through references or work samples.

What other questions should I ask the Local Pros who contact me?

You should ask each Local Pro about the work they do so you feel comfortable before hiring them. You can ask questions like:

  • When will you be able to come and complete the job?
  • Do you have liability insurance and Workers Compensation Board coverage?
  • How long have you been working as a professional deck and/or fence installer?
  • How and when will I be required to pay for the work?
  • How much will your service cost?
  • Do you have any references you can provide me with?
  • Will you provide a written contract that specifies the exact deck and/or fence services you will provide?

Choosing the Right Material for Your Deck & Fence Projects

There are a range of material options available for your deck building & fence installation project, each with its own qualities. You can ask your deck builder or fence installer about any materials you're curious about, or they can recommend the right materials for your project.

Material Type Things to Consider
Pressure-treated wood
The most affordable option; treated to resist rot and termites; good durability with a regular care and maintenance
A highly durable natural wood material for a slightly higher price than pressure-treated
Composed of wood and plastic material, available in a full range of colour options. Durable, with a range of products at various price points

Material Type Things to Consider
Affordable and easy to install, but offers less privacy and may be less durable than other options
Pressure-Treated Wood
Affordable, high-privacy option; excellent durability with regular care and maintenance
A highly durable, high-privacy, natural wood material for a slightly higher price than pressure-treated
Metal Fencing (Usually Iron or Aluminum)
Strong, long-lasting, secure and aesthetically pleasing; however, offers less privacy and may be more expensive than other options

For further assistance choosing a material for your deck and/or fence project, you can check out our buying guide: Choosing the Best Decking Material

Questions to Ask Your Deck Builder or Fence Installer Before They Start

When hiring a deck builder or fencing contractor, it's important to communicate your expectations, as well as to be clear on what is or isn't included with their services. Make sure that everyone is on the same page by asking the following questions.

Do I need to secure my own permits and locate pipes and utility lines?

  • Deck building and fence installation often requires a building permit. As well, pipes and other utility lines must be located prior to digging.
  • Some deck and fence contractors prefer to secure all permits and utility locates themselves; others will ask you to do it. Ensure that you or your Pro have made these arrangements before your project begins

What kinds of deck and/or fence work do you do?

  • It's important to determine whether the Local Pro does both deck and fence installation and repair, as well as what sorts of projects they will cover. Some Pros may specialize in either decks or fences, while others may do replacement and construction but not repairs.

Will you repair or replace my existing deck or fence?

  • Most deck builders and fence installers will begin their work by assessing the condition of your existing deck and/or fence.
  • They can then determine whether some components of your existing deck and/or fence can be kept and whether simple repair, partial replacement or full replacement is necessary

Will you help me choose a design and material?

  • Most deck builders and fence installers will help create a design for your new deck and present it for your approval before starting the job
  • You will also be presented with a range of materials to choose from, from pressure-treated wood, cedar, composite and metal options for your deck, fence and/or railings

We Can Help You Install the Right Deck and/or Fence

Before deciding on a Local Pro, you should have an idea of the design and materials that you want to use for your deck and/or fence. If you have additional questions or want advice, you can ask a Local Pro or discuss with a Home Depot Associate on the phone during your consultation.

Deck Design & Inspiration Fencing and Gate Inspiration
Get inspired by the materials and looks on our deck design & inspiration guide, as well as additional features that can enhance your new deck.
Explore how you can bring privacy, security, and design to your backyard with unique designs and sturdy materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a Local Pro?

  • The Home Depot uses the latest technology to match customers with a qualified and vetted Local Pro
  • Local Pros are also pre-screened so can put your full trust into their services. There’s no need to worry about quality of work – with reviews, references and our comprehensive background check, we’ve ensured that for you

How do I get matched to a deck builder or fence installer?

  • You are connected to a Local Pro in your area based on job skills, geographic radius and availability to meet your request

How much does hiring a deck builder or fence installer cost?

  • The cost of your job will depend on the nature and scope of your project – whether it’s a fence repair, deck replacement, or brand-new fence post installation will affect cost. The dimensions of the deck or fence, the types of materials chosen and the addition of features such as railings or other hardware will all affect your overall deck and fence project cost
  • We recommend you contact more than one deck and fence builders to compare the services they offer and get more than one estimate before deciding on who to hire

Why shouldn’t I just do the deck building or fence installation myself?

  • DIY is a great way to learn new skills and feel accomplished in your own work. However, to save time and get professional advice and help, hiring a Local Pro for your deck building or fence installation project can make life a lot easier. There’s no learning as you go and fewer chances of potentially costly setbacks
  • Our professional Local Pros can guarantee their work, help you choose the right material for your deck and/or fence, and advise on features that can benefit your project

Is DIY cheaper than hiring a Local Pro?

  • Not necessarily. While taking on a deck building or fence installation job yourself would save you the cost of labour, it may not save you money overall. That’s because a skilled deck or fence installer is more likely to get the job done quickly and correctly, and will save you from having to deal with setbacks

Does it cost to request a Local Pro?

  • There is no cost to request a Local Pro, nor to get matched to them
  • After connecting with up to three Local Pros, you can vet and select the Local Pro that fits your budget and schedule

It’s been over 72 hours and no Local Pros have contacted me. What happens now?

  • In the rare event that none of the three Local Pros have contacted you within that time, you will be automatically re-matched to up to three new Local Pros via email

What do I do if there are no Local Pros available near me?

  • We are constantly adding new Pros, so we hope to have Pros available in your area soon
  • Please ensure the postal code you have entered is where you’d like the service to happen

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