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With The Home Depot Home Services, we can connect you with a qualified Local Pro you can trust for your HandiWork needs. Hiring a skilled Local Pro makes it easier for you to take care of your home improvement projects, wherever or whenever they arise.
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Hire a local handyman to help you with a range of home improvement tasks, minor repairs, maintenance and even installations. Our Local Pro service makes it easy to find qualified, local handyman services you can trust. Local Pros are qualified professionals in your community whom The Home Depot has selected to provide you with expert household repair and maintenance services. Only licensed and insured trade professionals are eligible for our Local Pro Service, so you can be assured that your handyman maintenance or repairs will be handled on time, and on budget. Just submit your request online and let The Home Depot connect you with a Local Pro Handyman of your choice.

Why Choose the Home Depot Local Pro Handyman Service

Background Checked

Rated and Reviewed

All Local Pros are independently background checked. All Local Pros are trusted professionals who are rated and reviewed by homeowners like you.

Available Handyman Services

Whether it's mounting your new HDTV or furniture assembly, a new mailbox installation or weatherstripping, our handyman services handle a wide range of large and small jobs around your home.

Handyman Service

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Bathroom Grab Bar Installation
Find a local handyperson to install your new bathroom grab bar. Our contractors are background checked and licensed!
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Bathtub & Shower Re-Caulking
Compare quotes and choose a local handyperson to professionally re-caulk your bathtub and shower. We connect you with licensed contractors and all you need to do is choose!
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Ceiling Patching
Hire a Local Pro to get rid of cracks, holes and other unsightly flaws in your ceilings. Choose from up to 3 local handymen, compare prices and find the right one for you.
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Central Vacuum Installation
Setting up a central vacuum in your home is made easier with a little help from an experienced Local Pro.
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Drywall Patching
Get rid of cracks, holes and other damage to your walls with drywall patching from an experienced local handyman.

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Exterior Vent Replacement
Keep exhaust air flowing out while guarding against small animals with a new exterior vent. We'll connect you with a local handyman who can help!
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Furniture/Patio Assembly
Need help assembling new office furniture or an outdoor patio lounge for your new deck? Hire a skilled local handyman to help you put together the pieces of your indoor and outdoor furniture.
Find A Local Pro
Gate Repair
Need to replace or repair a broken or worn-out gate? Find a Local Pro to promptly take care of any gate repair needs you have.
Find A Local Pro
Hang Shelving
Hire an experienced local handyman to help you install new shelving on walls, in closets, bathrooms or wherever you need them.
Find A Local Pro
Interior Door Installation
Looking to replace your interior doors or install new ones? Find a skilled Local Pro to get the job done for you.
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Mailbox And Mailbox Post Installation
Hire an experienced Local Pro to install your new mailbox, wherever you want it to go. We'll help you find the perfect mailbox for your home and install it.
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Pet Door Installation
Add convenience to your home, for your pets and everyone else, with a pet door installation from a qualified Local Pro.
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Picture And Mirror Hanging Service
Find a skilled local handyman to help you hang picture frames and mirrors, anywhere in your home.
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Plaster Wall Patching
Hire a skilled Local Pro to conceal any cracks, holes or other imperfections in your walls with plaster.
Find A Local Pro
Playground Equipment Assembly
Putting up a playground in your backyard? Find a Local Pro to take care of the job for you!
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Television Mounting Service
A wall-mounted TV is the centrepiece of any home entertainment system. A skilled Local Pro can help set it up.
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Reduce drafts in your home with weather stripping around your doors, windows and baseboards. Ask a skilled Local Pro for help.
Find A Local Pro
Window AC Installation
Keep cool through the summer with a new window AC unit. Ask a Local Pro to help with installation.
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How to Hire a Local Handyman

Our 3-step process takes all the hassle out of finding a qualified handyman whenever you need one!

Step 1

Submit your online request

Request a Local Pro and receive a response within 24hrs. To complete your online request for a local handyman service all you need are the following:

  • Postal Code
  • Job Details
  • Contact Information
Step 2

Compare Local Handyman Services And Rates

Based on the specifications of your online request, you will be contacted by up to 3 of our trusted local contractors offering the most relevant handyman services that match your request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability, and obtain a quote from those you choose to work with.
Step 3

Hire A Local Handyman of Your Choice

Hire the Local Pro handyman service that best suits your needs and budget. After the project is complete, leave a review and share your feedback on the service and results you received.

handyman services Jobs Completed in Boisbriand

With The Home Depot Home Services, we can connect you with a qualified Local Pro you can trust for your HandiWork needs. Hiring a skilled Local Pro makes it easier for you to take care of your home improvement projects, wherever or whenever they arise.

How to Choose a Handyman

When reviewing your options, prepare a list of questions for each handyman service and compare their answers.

You should ask for details regarding the work they do. For example:

  • Will you be working on my job yourself or will it be one of your employees?
  • Is the person completing my job licensed to do this type of work (is it still valid)?
  • Do you have liability insurance and Workers Compensation Board coverage?
  • How long have you been in your trade?
  • Will I require a permit and, if so, will you obtain it?
  • How and when will I be required to pay for the work?
  • Do you have any references you can provide me with?
  • Will you provide a written contract that specifies exactly the services you will provide?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get matched for handiwork services?

You are connected to a handyman in your area based on:

  • Relevant job skills
  • Geographic radius
  • Availability to meet your request

How much does the Local Pro service cost?

  • There is no cost to submit a Local Pro Request for a handyman. You will receive a response by email with up to three qualified local Pros who have each completed a mandatory background check. Compare rates, services, reviews and choose the one that best suits your needs!

Is Do-It-Yourself cheaper than hiring a pro?

  • While DIY does save you the cost of labour, it may not save you money overall. A skilled, experienced handyman is more likely to get the job done faster – and get it right the first time.

What should I do now that I am matched with a Local Pro?

  • Take the time to qualify the Local Pro for the job so that you are confident in your selection.
  • Verify that the information provided to you by the Local Pro and in their profile is accurate and up to date.

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