Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Services in Toronto

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Revitalize your old, kitchen cabinets in only 3 – 5 days with professional kitchen cabinet refacing services.

When is Cabinet Refacing a Good Idea?

Cabinet Refacing may be right for you if you are considering any of the following:

✔  You want to upgrade the look and functionality of your kitchen cabinets.

✔  You are happy with your existing kitchen layout.

✔  You want to transform your kitchen decor without a full kitchen renovation.

What's Included?

Our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Services include:

✔  Replacing doors and drawer fronts

✔  Refacing cabinet box surface materials to complement the new look and colour of your doors and drawer fronts*

✔  New hardware such as fastening hinges, backplates, door pulls and knobs

Kitchen cabinet

Cabinet Refacing vs Kitchen Renovation

  • Cabinet refacing (also called cabinet refinishing) restores and upgrades your existing cabinetry, without changing the structure or layout of your kitchen. 
  • Surface panels are removed from the cabinet box exterior to change the colour and appearance of your cabinets.
  • Hardware can also be upgraded to complete the look.
  • Cabinet Refacing can usually be completed in less than a week (unless it is a part of a larger home project)– a much shorter timeframe than needed for a full kitchen renovation.
  • And, in most cases, you can continue to use your kitchen while your kitchen cabinet refacing project is underway!

Cabinet Refacing Design Options

Refresh and revitalize your kitchen cabinets with new colours, style and hardware from the Home Depot.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Process


Free Consultation

  • Request a consultation to schedule an in-home or virtual appointment with a Home Depot Installer.
  • During your appointment, the installer will facilitate measurements of your kitchen, discuss options, and provide an estimate for your project.

Professional Installation

At the scheduled time, the installer will visit your home to complete your cabinet refacing project.

  • They will remove and replace existing doors, drawer fronts and hinges, and prepare cabinet surfaces to match the new style.
  • Install the new doors, drawer fronts, cupboard door hinges and handles.

Inspection & Clean-up

  • Upon completion, the Installer will perform a final inspection to confirm your satisfaction, as well as a site clean-up.
  • They will advise you on proper care and maintenance of your new kitchen cabinets.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Simply put, cabinet refacing (also called cabinet refinishing) is essentially a form of cabinet renovation. It restores and upgrades your existing cabinetry, without changing the structure or layout of your kitchen.

Surface panels can be removed from the cabinet exterior to change the colour and appearance of your cabinets and hardware can be upgraded to complete the look.

Cabinet Refacing can usually be completed in less than a week – a much shorter timeframe than needed for new kitchen cabinets. And, in most cases, you can continue to use your kitchen while your kitchen cabinet refacing is underway.

How Much Does Cabinet Refacing Cost?

The cost of kitchen cabinet refacing in Toronto for a standard 10ft x 12ft kitchen ranges between $1000 - $9000, depending on the scope of your project.

On average, the cost of replacing kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts only, or refinishing cabinet surfaces with a new veneer and protective coating, ranges between $1000 - $3000. Quality wood veneer and high-end hardware will increase the cost of your cabinet refacing further.

A more extensive refacing to replace all doors, covering all cabinet fronts and sides, adding new drawer boxes, glass doors, add-on cabinets, and pot and pan drawers, can cost between $7000 - $9000.

Cabinet Cost by Province

The cost of your cabinet refacing project may vary depending on where you live, among other factors. The following chart gives you an idea of what you might expect.

Province Cost
Alberta $10,074
British Columbia $8,354
Manitoba $5,804
New Brunswick $8,227
New Foundland & Labrador $12,761
Nova Scotia $8,469
Ontario $9,354
Quebec $8,936
Prince Edward Island $5,144
Saskatchewan $8,221

Cabinet Cost by Province

Flexible Financing for Cabinet Refacing

Prestige SK00 Countertop

Flexible financing options are available to help you better manage your budget for all your home improvement projects. Find out how The Home Depot Consumer Card and The Home Depot Project Loan can serve you.

Ready for your dream kitchen but on a budget? Schedule your free virtual or in-home consultation with a cabinet refacing expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cabinet refacing a good idea?

If you like your overall kitchen layout, kitchen cabinet refacing is an economical way to update the look of your kitchen with minimal disruption and waste.

How will the installer change the look of my kitchen cabinet doors?

When completing kitchen cupboard refacing the framework of your cabinets (aka the cabinet box) remains intact, however the surface material can be refaced to refresh the cabinet box. Additional elements such as cabinet doors, drawer fronts, cabinet door hinges and handles, will also be replaced.

You can select from several cabinet styles and colours to enhance the appeal and functionality of your new kitchen.

What cabinet style and colour options can I choose from for my cabinet resurfacing in Toronto?

Home Depot offers a wide variety of style and colour combinations for cabinet resurfacing to go along with your new cabinet doors and drawers. Our door and drawer options include: Modern Shaker, Slab, Classic Arch and Cathedral.

No matter what you choose, our expert installers will find the right cabinet refinishing options for your cabinet boxes to match your cabinet refacing project.

Available finishes include 3D Laminates in matte and texture, high gloss acrylic, and 5-piece textured woodgrain options.

Can Home Depot installers paint my cabinets in Toronto?

The Home Depot does not do kitchen cabinet painting in Toronto, but kitchen cabinet refacing gives you more: all-new cabinet doors, drawer fronts and available enhanced storage options, with a range of colours and styles for you to choose from.

As part of cabinet refacing, our expert installers will help you select cabinet resurfacing materials for your cabinet boxes to replace worn out, faded ones with a new finish or colour.

Should I reface or paint my cabinets in Toronto

Kitchen cabinet refinishing or painting is not recommended in most cases, as kitchen cabinet and cupboard surfaces often cannot be repainted. This is because blemishes often can’t be concealed with new paint or cabinet resurfacing, making cabinet refacing the better option.

How long does it take for kitchen cabinets refinishing near me?

Once installation begins, most cabinet refacing projects can be completed in under 1 week.

This estimate covers the total time for removal and replacement of cabinet doors and drawer fronts, installation of enhanced storage solutions, and cabinet resurfacing in Toronto.

How long does kitchen cabinet refacing last?

With proper care and maintenance, the results of your cabinet refacing could last as long as ten years. The Home Depot offers high-quality cabinet components, available in a range of durable materials. All parts are backed by our one-year parts and labour warranty.

Does cabinet refacing look cheap?

Cabinet refacing does not look cheap and can help refresh a dated kitchen and improve the value of your home without having to do a complete knock-down and remodelling.

Can you do my countertops as well?

Yes. New and custom kitchen countertops for cabinet refacing projects can be installed for an additional cost.

Ask your installer about available materials and patterns, as well as a cost estimate, to add new countertops to your cabinet refacing project.

What are the available methods of payment?

All major credit cards are accepted, as well as financing options with The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card.

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