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The Home Depot Home Services can connect you with a skilled Local Pro you can trust so you can easily take care of your House Painting, Drywall Repair and Wallpaper projects, wherever or whenever they arise.

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Need help with exterior painting or interior painting in your home? Our local painters can ensure that colour matching is done correctly and paint is applied evenly with a flawless finish. With our Local Pro Painters, you're guaranteed a high-quality paint job that lasts with a quick and easy process. Simply pick the painting service you need done and get matched with up to 3 qualified and vetted Local Pros. Then, choose your preferred Local Pro and get your project completed on your terms.

Why Choose a Local Pro Painter

✓ Save Time and Money

The DIY route can seem most rewarding but is not necessarily the quickest or cheapest. That's because professional painters have the skills and experience to get any paint job done right.

✓ Stress Less

With an experienced painting contractor, there’s no need for hesitation or figuring out the best way to do your paint job – they take care of all of that for you.

✓ Get Things Done

A professional painter can take care of multiple jobs in a single visit. If you want the new deck painted and the walls of your home office done too, let your Local Pro Painter know – and cross all those tasks off your list.

The Home Depot thrives off relationships. From customer and store to homeowners and local contractors, we not only provide an extensive list of home hardware products, but we also foster connections with hundreds of local, licensed trade professionals.

Get matched with some of the best affordable painters in Huntsville who have been independently background-checked. Then, let them help you take care of the painting jobs around your home.

When it comes to painting, hiring a professional painter helps ensure that the right paint is used for the job – and used well. You can rest easy knowing that our local painters serving Huntsville are handpicked based on expertise and accreditation and have the skills to execute any painting project. So, whether you're looking for outdoor painting like fence painting, deck painting, or exterior wall painting, or to bring new life to your interior walls, you can trust that your project is in the right hands.

Ready for a fresh coat of paint?

How It Works

Step 1

Choose Your Electrical Service and Submit a Local Pro Request

Select from the available electrical services and submit your online request. You will be contacted by phone or email within 24 - 48 hours of your request. By choosing a Home Depot Local Pro, you support your local community and opt for a hassle-free service.
Step 2

Compare Local Electricians in Huntsville

After selecting your service and submitting a request, you will be contacted by up to three local electricians based on your job request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability and obtain a quote.
Step 3

Hire The Right Local Electrician For You

Once you've decided - hire the Local Pro that fulfills your criteria. After the job is complete, leave a review to share your experience of how it went, and help fortify our network of great electricians.

local pro painting Jobs Completed in Huntsville

The Home Depot Home Services can connect you with a skilled Local Pro you can trust so you can easily take care of your House Painting, Drywall Repair and Wallpaper projects, wherever or whenever they arise.

Painting Services Available in Huntsville

Exterior Painting

Choose one of our painters for hire and brighten up and protect the exterior of your home.



Find a Local Pro Painter

Interior Painting

Refresh the interior of your home with new colour schemes and enjoy a long-lasting paint job from one of our interior painters.


Find a Local Pro Painter

Deck Painting

Partner with a Local Pro to put the finishing touches on a new deck or revitalize an old one.



Find a Local Pro Painter

Fence Painting

Boost curb appeal and spruce up your fence with a fresh coat of paint.



Find a Local Pro Painter

We Can Help You Find the Right Paint

Before choosing your interior or exterior paint, keep in mind that there are additional paint characteristics and qualities other than colour that you need to consider like paint quality, cost, and finish. If you have additional questions, you can ask a Local Pro Painter or discuss with a Home Depot Associate on the phone during your consultation.

How to Choose Interior Paint

How to Choose Exterior Paint

Select the ideal paint colour and finish for specific rooms in your home and get inspired by beautiful options from Behr and Glidden offered at The Home Depot

Find the right high-quality paint for exterior applications by considering outdoor surfaces and the formulas that work best for them.

Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Local Pro Painter

It's always a good idea to ask some preliminary questions before hiring a Local Pro.

How should I prepare my home? Will you protect my floors and furniture for me?

  • Find out what you need to do before your appointment with your Local Pro Painter. Ask them whether they'll move your furniture, cover your floors and furniture with drop sheets, use cover plates for electrical sockets and light switches, and remove wall-mounted frames and fixtures so you know if you'll have to do it yourself.

Will you prepare my walls (by applying primer, using drywall patching, and taping)?

  • Many interior painters will begin by prepping the walls, ensuring that any holes are patched up, and taping around all edges and corners. This is to ensure as clean a paint job as possible.
  • They will also tape around all edges and corners and apply a layer of primer for the paint to go on smoothly

Will you help me choose the paint?

  • This depends on your preference, your situation and your conversation you have with each Local Pro Painter
  • You have the option to purchase your preferred paint before the job, or in some cases, the painter could start with a colour consult and help you choose the correct paint for the job before purchasing
  • Another option would be to consult with the professional painter, have them purchase the paint for you and add it to your invoice

What other questions should I ask the Local Pros who contact me?

You should ask each Local Pro about the work they do so you feel comfortable before hiring them. You can ask questions like:

  • When will you be able to come and complete the job?
  • Do you have liability insurance and Workers Compensation Board coverage?
  • How long have you been working as a professional painter?
  • How and when will I be required to pay for the work?
  • How much will your service cost?
  • Do you have any references you can provide me with?
  • Will you provide a written contract that specifies the exact painting services you will provide?

What should I do after I've matched with Local Pros?

  • Take the time to vet each Local Pro that contacts you by reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers so you can be confident in their ability to get the job done
  • Verify that the information given to you by the professional painters and shown in their profiles are up to date, either through references or work samples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a Local Pro?

The Home Depot uses the latest technology to match customers with a qualified and vetted Local Pro

Local Pros are also pre-screened so can put your full trust into their services. There’s no need to worry about quality of work – with reviews, references and our comprehensive background check, we’ve ensured that for you

How do I get matched to painters?

  • You are connected to a Painting Services Local Pro in your area based on job skills, geographic radius and availability to meet your request

How much does hiring a painter cost?

  • The cost of your job will depend on a variety of factors unique to your project and your home, the type and brand of paint chosen, and the rate charged by the wall painter you choose to hire
  • We recommend you contact more than one painter to compare the services they offer and get more than one painting estimate before deciding on who to hire

Why should I hire a professional painter instead of doing the painting myself?

  • DIY can often seem like an obvious choice when it comes to painting but hiring a Local Pro for apartment painting or home painting can ensure that the job gets done right the first time
  • Our professional painters can guarantee their work, help you choose the right paint, and even prepare and protect your walls to do as clean a paint job as possible

Is DIY cheaper than hiring a Local Pro for painting services?

  • Not necessarily. While taking on painting work yourself would save you the cost of labour, it may not save you money overall. That’s because a pro painter is more likely to get the job done quickly and correctly, and will save you from having to do any repainting

Does it cost to request a Local Pro?

  • There is no cost to request a Local Pro, nor to get matched to them
  • After connecting with up to three Local Pros, you can vet and select the Local Pro that fits your budget and schedule

It’s been over 72 hours and no Local Pros have contacted me. What happens now?

  • In the rare event that none of the three Local Pros have contacted you within that time, you will be automatically re-matched to up to three new Local Pros via email

What do I do if there are no Local Pros available near me?

  • We are constantly adding new Pros, so we hope to have Pros available in your area soon
  • Please ensure the postal code you have entered is where you’d like the service to happen

Should I purchase the paint before hiring a painting contractor?

  • This depends on your preference, your situation and the conversation you have with each Local Pro Painter
  • You have the option to purchase your preferred paint before the job, or you can consult with the professional painter and have them purchase the paint for you and add it to your invoice

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