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Etobicoke Flooring Supplies & Installation | Carpet & Hardwood Floors

Upgrade your flooring with the best flooring installation service in Etobicoke. The Home Depot offers a variety of flooring options with your professional installation service, including stain- and water-resistant laminate, sleek and cost-effective vinyl, and genuine hardwood flooring. With new flooring installation, you can:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Enhance your décor
  • Improve the comfort, durability, and insulation of your flooring

The Home Depot flooring installers are licensed and background-checked, making sure everything, from procurement and measurements, to installation, are done perfectly. There’s no need to worry about remembering all the tips and tricks to floor installation or knowing where to begin.

Our flooring installers proudly serves homeowners around Etobicoke and the surrounding ON. Connect with one of our trusted Home Depot Installers through an online request form and find out how we can help!

Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Laminate Flooring Installation

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Vinyl Flooring Installation

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A New Look and Guaranteed Results

Whether you’re looking to replace a worn floor with stylish hardwood flooring or functional vinyl flooring, The Home Depot offers an array of flooring options that blend style and durability, installed by a vetted professional.

Trusted Flooring Installers

Our team consists of licensed Home Depot Installers who have passed background checks, so you can be confident in their reputation and the quality of their work.

Flexible Financing

We provide flexible financing options that will help you better manage your budget for your home improvement projects with The Home Depot Consumer Card and The Home Depot Project Loan.

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At The Home Depot, you’ll find a wide assortment of finishes, hues, and grades of hardwood flooring to give your home renovation the finishing touch!

Knowledgeable staff and experienced installers are always ready to help you with any of the below options:

  • Bamboo Flooring Installation
  • Birch Flooring Installation
  • Cork Flooring Installation
  • Maple Flooring Installation
  • Parquet Flooring Installation
  • Red Oak Flooring Installation
  • Walnut Flooring Installation
  • White Oak Flooring Installation



Long-Lasting and Durable

Hardwood flooring is a long-term investment that offers great durability over time

Easy to Maintain

Easy cleaning, easy repair. No need to fuss over dents and scratches, nor have a hard time finding cleaning solutions

Timeless Quality

An ageless and beautiful flooring solution that will suit any type of home décor and style



When it comes to real wood flooring there are two main options: engineered and solid hardwood. Understanding the difference between the two will help you decide which one is better for your home. Both are among the priciest flooring options but are still highly desired by home buyers.


Traditional Hardwood Flooring

Conventional hardwood flooring is composed of solid natural wood – oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, and pine for example. Hardwood tends to be more costly than soft wood because it is more durable.

Considered the classic choice, hardwood flooring has long been associated with quality and durability. Despite being more costly than other types of flooring (vinyl, ceramic, etc.), hardwood is a popular option with homeowners across Etobicoke.


Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood is composed of multi-layered hardwood and plywood. Due to its layered construction, engineered hardwood resists warping and bowing extremely well.

As a result, it can be used in areas of the home where excessive moisture or heat are a concern, such as your basement, kitchen, or bathroom. It can also be ideal for condos with cement subfloors.

Looking for traditional or engineered hardwood installation?

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Choosing The Home Depot Home Services means hiring skilled contractors to complete your laminate flooring project for you. With their expertise, you’ll be able to select the right type of laminate for any room and get it measured and installed for a perfect fit. Our laminate flooring installation service in Etobicoke boasts efficiency and quality and keeps the customer’s goals in mind.

We offer the following laminate flooring in Etobicoke:

  • Embossed Laminate – Mimics the grain pattern of wood
  • Handscraped Laminate – Appears like handcrafted restored natural wood
  • Smooth Laminate – Not textured, and comes in many gloss levels from matte to satin


Why should I choose laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a great way to achieve the look of hardwood flooring and other luxury flooring at a more affordable price. It is less expensive to install per square foot and can even be installed over existing tile, hardwood and vinyl. Even better, laminate resists scratches and stains, making it ideal for high traffic areas, rooms prone to moisture, and for homes with pets and children.

Water Resistant

Resists moisture in areas of the home prone to spills and dampness like kitchens and bathrooms.

Wood Flooring on a Budget

We offer laminate flooring that can simulate oak, pine, maple, walnut and more, in various plank sizes for endless design possibilities. Get the look of real hardwood at the fraction of the cost.

Easy Maintenance and Durability

Laminate flooring resists scratches, dents and stains, making it a great option for those with pets and small children.

Ready to begin your new laminate flooring project?

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Choose from waterproof, water resistant, and scratch resistant vinyl flooring options and ones with underlayment attached for extra convenience. Whether for home use or commercial use, The Home Depot Home Services has you covered.

  • Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • Vinyl Tile Flooring
  • Vinyl Sheet Flooring
  • Natural Stone Look Flooring
  • Wood Look Flooring
  • Tile Look Flooring



The Look of Wood and Stone on a Budget

Endless design possibilities offered in tile, plank and sheet formats.

Cheaper Installation

Luxury vinyl is cheaper to install per square foot than traditional wood flooring.

Waterproof, Durable, Easy to Maintain

Luxury vinyl is 100% waterproof and scratch-resistant, making it a great choice for homes with pets and moisture-prone rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

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At The Home Depot Home Services, our flooring installation process is designed to help you choose the ideal flooring for your space, procure accurate measurements, and get professional installation done by a licensed Home Depot Installer. With the steps outlined below, you’ll know exactly what to expect during your consultation and installation.

Whether you need new flooring to accommodate new children or pets in your home, or want to upgrade an outdated look, our Etobicoke Home Depot flooring installers are experienced and highly skilled for any flooring job.

A free consultation with an Installer will get you familiar with the array of colors, textures, qualities and thicknesses of flooring and how it can transform your home.

1 Your Free Virtual Consultation

  • After submitting the online request form, an Installer will reach out to you within 48 hours to set up a virtual consultation based on your availability
  • An Installer will share a personalized visualizer tool to help you select the perfect flooring for your space
  • They will provide a quote, discuss financing options (if needed), book your in-home or virtual measure appointment and collect a small deposit towards your flooring installation


2 In-Home or Virtual Measure

  • An Installer will visit your home to get accurate measurements of your flooring and book your installation date
  • If preferred, the Installer can schedule a virtual measure appointment and guide you through the process


3 Flooring Installation

  • An Installer will return to complete your new flooring project
  • Upon completion, the Installer will clean up the work area and perform a final inspection to ensure your satisfaction


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The 3 key factors to consider when planning your flooring installation costs include:


  • Floor Removal: Removal of existing carpeting or flooring
  • Underlayment: Underlayment is used to absorb moisture, provide insulation and even the flooring. It also provides better adhesion for the floors than a subfloor made of cement. In some cases, such as new home constructions, minimal or zero underlayment may be required
  • Installation: Installation of flooring according to measurement specifications and installation method like drop lock or angle install
  • Moulding: Baseboards or moulding along the floor perimeter can be installed to secure flooring edges
  • Site Cleanup: Thorough site cleanup of all debris, materials and tools



  • Hardwood flooring: Varies in pricing depending on the rarity, durability and hardness of the wood. Rare wood from South America is more durable and more costly than pine, for example
  • Vinyl flooring: Varies in pricing depending on the type of vinyl, whether vinyl tile, vinyl plank, or grip strip
  • Laminate flooring: Varies in pricing depending on thickness, texture.


Square Footage

  • Flooring is purchased per square footage. Depending on the area of your room, you can expect your project to cost more for a larger room


Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Laminate Flooring Installation

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Vinyl Flooring Installation

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Floating floor installation refers to a method of installation where individual planks or tiles are interlocked to form a mat-like surface that rests on the subfloor and underlayment. This requires a well-prepared subfloor but can be suitable for those with a tighter budget. The floating floor method can be done with all three flooring types we offer with a flooring installation service: laminate, vinyl, and engineered hardwood.


Our handy guide explains the different types of flooring, their features, textures and colors and more to help you find the right one for your home renovation.  

Need more information? Get in touch with a Home Depot Associate for your flooring installation needs in Etobicoke and Ontario.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Laminate Flooring Installation

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Vinyl Flooring Installation

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Related Services in Etobicoke:

Step 1

Select Your New Flooring

When you visit a store, an associate will show you the possibilities and help you pick the perfect flooring option. If you bring along approximate measurements of the room or areas involved, you can also be provided with an estimate for the project.

Step 2

FREE In-Home Measurement

An Installation Services Coordinator will arrange an in-home consultation at your convenience. At this time, your installer will visit you in your home to evaluate the area of your new hardwood flooring and take necessary measurements.

Step 3

Professional Installation & Inspection

A suitable time will be scheduled for your installation to take place. Your installer will remove existing flooring if necessary, move furniture if required, and install your new flooring - maintaining a safe work site at all times and ensuring a thorough cleanup. Once the installation is complete, your installer will meet with you to perform a final inspection and confirm your satisfaction.

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