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Carpet has several distinct benefits when compared to hard surface flooring. Make your home more stylish and comfortable with new carpet installation from The Home Depot Home Services.

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Laying new carpet is an excellent, affordable way to add comfort and style to your home, while carpet replacement can refresh and bring new life to a room. Let our licensed carpet installers in Brockville help you find carpet options that complement your décor and add value to your living space!

Whether you need wall to wall carpeting or carpet replacement, you'll find a variety of materials, colours, and patterns to suit your needs at The Home Depot. Our flexible financing options can bring your dream interior to life with guaranteed results.

Carpet Installation & Replacement Process

Step 1

Book A Consultation

Use the online request form and our installer will reach out to you within 48 hours to set up a virtual consultation based on your availability.

The installer will share a personalized visualizer tool to help you select the perfect flooring for your space. They will provide a quote, discuss financing options (if needed), book your in-home or virtual measure appointment, and collect a small deposit towards your flooring installation.

Step 2

In-Home Or Virtual Measurement

The installer will visit your home to get accurate measurements of your flooring and book your installation date. If preferred, the installer can schedule a virtual measure appointment and guide you through the process online.
Step 3

Carpet Installation

The Home Depot Installer will return to install your carpet. Upon completion, the installer will clean up the work area and perform a final inspection to ensure your satisfaction.

carpet installation Jobs Completed in Brockville

Carpet has several distinct benefits when compared to hard surface flooring. Make your home more stylish and comfortable with new carpet installation from The Home Depot Home Services.

Carpet Installation Options At The Home Depot

Whether you are looking to replace carpet or for new carpet installation services in Brockville, trust the professionals at The Home Depot Home Services to get the job done right. Our carpet installers offer a range of options for you to consider.

Our services include:

  • Wall to Wall Carpet Installation: Carpet installation for your living room and bedroom is available in a variety of materials, colours and patterns to suit your needs and budget.
  • Stair Carpet Installation: If you’d like to install a stair runner, we offer a wide range of colours and styles. Consult with our trusted Home Depot Installers to determine your needs and budget.
  • Basement Carpet Installation: Ask for a carpet installation cost estimate for installing carpet in your basement.
  • Carpet Replacement: Carpet replacement is worth considering for rooms with worn out or faded carpets ten years or older.
  • Thorough Site Clean Up: Our professional carpet installers will perform a thorough clean-up of all equipment, tools, and debris upon completion of the installation.

Carpet installation is for all types of rooms in your home. During your installation, the Home Depot Installer is trained to observe all required safety measures to ensure you and your family’s health. This includes the use of masks, gloves, sanitizer, and social distancing measures.

Request a FREE, in-home consultation or virtual to receive your carpet installation estimate.

Ideas & How to

The right carpet can have a dramatic effect on a room by adding colour, warmth and comfort. Carpet also has natural sound-reducing properties that are particularly useful in areas such as upper-floor bedrooms and hallways of multi-storey homes. Choosing the best carpet can however be a challenge, we'll walk you through the different carpet types, types of carpet materials and other carpet options to consider.

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Learn more about different types of carpets and how to choose the perfect one for your living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install carpet in Brockville?

  • Depending on the square footage, the cost of carpet installation in Canada can range from $250 to $5,625. Currently, the median cost is $1,978.

How long does carpet installation take?

  • Typically, carpet installation for a standard 10 ft x 12 ft bedroom can be completed within 2 – 4 hours. Rooms that feature nooks or odd-shaped walls can require longer but can be completed within one day.

What is cheaper hardwood floors or carpet?

  • Generally speaking, quality hardwood flooring tends to be more costly than premium carpeting.

How do you estimate carpet installation?

  • Carpet installation is priced based on square footage. Speak with one of our knowledgeable carpet installers to get a more detailed estimate based on an accurate measurement of your floors.

What are the different types of carpet fiber?

  • There are essentially 2 different types of carpet: natural and synthetic. Natural carpeting is made of 100% natural fabric, while synthetic fiber is man-made. Both types of carpet can be found in a range of pricing.
  • Stain resistance, durability and comfort should be your key considerations when shopping around for a new carpet. At The Home Depot you’ll find 6 different carpet fibers:
  • 1. Acrylic Carpet: A synthetic fiber designed as a replacement for wool. Acrylic lacks durability but resists mildew better and is easier to clean than wool.
  • 2. Nylon Carpet: Nylon is a popular choice with homeowners because it is highly stain-resistant and durable. For those who prefer eco-friendly products, nylon carpet can also be recycled when it finally ages. The quality of nylon, however, will differ between brands. Research your options carefully and be sure your nylon carpet includes a stain resistant guarantee.
  • 3. Olefin Carpet: This is an inexpensive carpet material that is useful for either indoor or outdoor. Olefin is very affordable compared to nylon and other carpet material, but not quite as durable. The fibers wear out sooner and become flattened. Olefin, however, is a popular choice for basements because it is affordable, spill resistant and mildew resistant.
  • 4. PET Polyester Carpet: Polyester is a synthetic fabric with similar qualities to olefin. It is an affordable alternative to nylon, but less durable. Although polyester carpets are made of recycled material, they cannot be recycled.
  • 5. Triexta / SmartStrand: SmartStrand is a relatively new synthetic fiber that claims to be even more durable than polyester. Highly stain resistant and eco-friendly, SmartStrand fiber, or triexta, is extremely durable and comfortable. Currently, SmartStrand carpeting is available through Mohawk, an industry leader in commercial and residential carpeting. You’ll find a wide selection of Mohawk EverStrand PET carpeting at The Home Depot.
  • 6. Wool Carpet: A wool carpet is the most eco-friendly option. This natural fiber is durable and stain resistant, but more vulnerable to mildew than synthetic fibers like polyester or olefin. Wool carpeting also tends to be higher priced than other carpet fabrics.
  • With proper care and regular maintenance, however, a wool carpet will last you many years.

What is the best carpet for pets or children?

  • Nylon carpet or SmartStrand carpet is best suited for pets or children. Both types of carpet or durable, stain resistant and relatively easy to maintain. A wool carpet is also pet-friendly, but excessive humidity or moisture can produce mildew in wool.

What is the best carpet for bedrooms?

  • Want to install carpet in your bedroom? Consider the following:
  • Fabric Type: Wool and nylon carpets are typically lush and comfortable but more costly than acrylic, polyester or olefin.
  • Fiber Quality: Intricate broadloom with vivid colours may look attractive, but if the fibers or broadloom work are poor quality, your new carpet will quickly show signs of wear and tear. Invest in quality and look for trusted brands such as Mohawk, Stainmaster, Fabrica and Dreamweaver.
  • Foot Traffic: Rooms that experience high foot traffic are best served with a wool or nylon carpet and carpet padding. Rooms with lower foot traffic are suitable for polyester, olefin or acrylic carpeting.
  • Pile Density: Closely knit fibers provide higher density and greater comfort. Low-pile carpet is not as comfortable as deep pile carpet but is significantly easier to clean with regular vacuuming.
  • Style: In addition to durability, the right carpet should also complement your décor. Carpets come in many colours, but not all carpet fibers are of the same quality.
  • Square Footage: The cost of your carpet is determined by square footage.
  • Carpet Pad: Whether you are carpeting stairs, bedrooms or your basement, a carpet pad is a worthwhile investment that will prevent your carpet from slipping while adding comfort. In cold or poorly ventilated rooms, a carpet pad can also provide additional warmth (but should not be considered a replacement for adequate insulation).

What is the best carpet for stairs?

  • A low-pile carpet with high density provides sure footing and comfort for stairs. Synthetic fabrics such as plush nylon and PET polyester are comfortable and can be stain resistant. For high traffic stairs in your home, olefin or acrylic are both affordable options and stain resistant.

What’s the difference between solution-dyed and surface-dyed carpet?

  • A. Solution Dyed Carpet
  • Used exclusively to add colour in synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and acrylic by means of a dye solution. The pigment or dye is mixed with a liquid polymer and added to the fabric before it is made into a carpet.
  • As a result of this process, solution dyed carpeting is more bleach resistant than surface dyed carpeting. Always read the instructions carefully when using bleach-based cleaning solutions and be sure to dilute the bleach as specified by the instructions before applying it to your carpet.
  • B. Surface Dyed Carpet
  • A surface dyed carpet, also referred to as piece dyed or yarn dyed, applies colour to the surface of the carpet after the carpet has been woven. Piece dyed carpet offers a wide selection of colours and designs but is not considered as eco-friendly due to the additives and chemicals required.

Why do I need to use a carpet pad with my carpet?

  • A carpet pad provides additional warmth and comfort. It also serves to keep your carpet in place. The carpet adheres to the surface of the carpet pad to prevent slipping and unseemly bulges from appearing.
  • If you live in a rather busy household, a carpet pad can also provide significant noise reduction from foot traffic on above-floor levels. At The Home Depot we offer several carpet pads to choose from.

What are the different types of carpet padding?

  • Foam Pad: Density is typically 2 – 5 lbs.
  • Frothed Foam Pad: Density is typically 12 lbs or more for durability.
  • Rebond Pad: Typically 6 – 10 lbs density. If durability is important to you, consider a minimum of 6 lb density.
  • Slab Rubber Pad: Usually comes in 18-22lbs. I prefer 21lbs+ for durability or close to 100 ounces.
  • Synthetic Fiber Pad: Rated in either ounces or pounds. A minimum of 30 - 40 oz is the equivalent of 6 - 7.5 lbs density.
  • Waffle Rubber Pad: Available ranging between 64 - 90 oz in density, which is closer to 8 -10 lb density.
  • During your free consultation, your Home Depot Installer will discuss the best carpet padding options for your needs in detail.

Can I install carpet myself?

  • Installing carpet and replacing carpet without a professional can be a challenge, but with the right tools it can be less difficult.
  • Here are the key tools you’ll need to replace or install carpet yourself:
  • Carpet Stretcher: A device used to remove bulges and stretch the carpet into place
  • Knee-Kicker: Typically 18 inches in length with "teeth" on one end for gripping the carpet and a solid butt end for kicking carpet corners into the edges of a room.
  • Seam Roller: A seam roller is a device used to ensure the carpet adheres to the floor or padding beneath it. By gently rolling the seam roller over the edges, you ensure the carpet is firmly in place. Seam rollers are available in either smooth, spiked or starred varieties.
  • Tack Strips: When positioning your new carpet, tackles strips are used to hold it in place. These flat, narrow strips of wood feature angled pins that easily secure to the back of the carpet. They are laid against the walls around the edges of the room. LEARN MORE: How To Lay Carpet With Tack Strips

Will the Home Depot Installer remove my furniture during my carpet installation?

  • No. During your installation, our installers do not remove pianos, electronics, antiques, delicates, or wall units.

How should I prepare for my carpet installation appointment?

  • Remove valuable items, electronics and any possible obstructions from the room.
  • Disassemble and remove any furniture, if required.

Do the carpet installers haul away my existing flooring or carpet?

  • No. Our carpet installation service does not include haulage of your old floors or carpeting.

Will the installer vacuum the carpet after it is installed?

  • Yes. Upon completion, the Home Depot installer will conduct a thorough site inspection, including vacuuming the carpet to remove any tufts.

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