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Boost curb appeal and security with exterior door installation from The Home Depot Home Services. Our Installers are licensed and background-checked, delivering high-quality products made with durable materials in a variety of styles and designs, custom-fit to match your home.
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More security. More curb appeal. More energy savings.

Interior and exterior door installation or replacement can spruce up your home and improve a crucial element of you and your family's everyday life. Our Brampton Installers from The Home Depot Home Services and our Local Pros hired for quick-service jobs are licensed and background-checked, providing top-quality service for our valuable customers.

Connect with one of our trusted door installers through our online request forms and find out how we can help!

The Home Depot Door Installation Process

Whether you're looking for an exterior door replacement or front door installation, our installation services offer you a hassle-free, seamless process, where we guarantee your results and satisfaction.

Our Installers and Local Pros in Brampton are committed to quality work, standing by their service and workmanship to instill confidence in customers like you. They follow this comprehensive installation process so you know what your consultation and appointment will look like.

Step 1

In-Home Consultation

  • Book a free appointment with a Home Depot Design Consultant to discuss exterior door and interior door style options
  • An appointment will be scheduled for a convenient time where final measurements will be taken, and an estimate provided
  • Please ensure you have purchased locksets and handlesets prior to installation
Step 2

Professional Installation

At a pre-scheduled time, the Installer will deliver your new doors and complete the installation. They will remove and dispose of your existing doors, then install the new ones.
Step 3


Upon completion, your Installer will inspect your new doors and confirm that the project meets your approval, as well as haul away your old doors for safe disposal.

door installation Jobs Completed in Brampton

Boost curb appeal and security with exterior door installation from The Home Depot Home Services. Our Installers are licensed and background-checked, delivering high-quality products made with durable materials in a variety of styles and designs, custom-fit to match your home.

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Door Installation Services Offered in Brampton

The Home Depot Canada provides exterior door installation services with a Home Depot Installer and interior door installation services with a Local Pro. Your FREE consultation will guide you in the right direction.

What You Need to Know About Our Door Installation Service in Brampton

  • Pre-Hung Doors: All doors installed through the door installation service are pre-hung
  • Pre-Installation Purchases: Although your door installation includes a professional installation with a custom door fit perfectly to your home, you must purchase dead bolts, handlesets, and any other locks in advance and have them available for your installation appointment
  • Removal of Your Old Door: Your door installation includes removal and safe disposal of the old door and frame to make room for your new pre-hung door
  • Weather Stripping: Weather stripping is also included in the process

Door Installation Services We Provide

  • Pocket Door Installation
  • Storm Door Installation
  • Screen Door Installation
  • Patio Door Installation
  • Interior Door Installation
  • Exterior Door Installation
  • Front Door Installation
  • Sliding Door Installation
  • French Door Installation
  • Cat Door Installation
  • Dog Door Installation...and more!

Discuss your options with a Home Depot Installer and get the right interior or exterior door installation for your home!

Exterior & Interior Door Guides

Get tips on how to buy the perfect doors for your home.

Front Door Buying Guide Interior Door Styles & Buying Guide

Need more information? Get more details about exterior door installation or interior door installation during your free consultation for your door installation needs in Brampton.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an Installer and a Local Pro?

  • At The Home Depot, interior doors are installed by Local Pros, while exterior doors are installed by Home Depot Installers
  • Our Local Pros are third-party professional local contractors who are independently background checked. After being matched with up to three Local Pros, you choose who you want to work with

How much does door installation cost?

  • The cost of your new door installation will depend on the materials and custom options you choose. With exterior doors, you may want to consider windows, transoms, sidelights, paint, finishes and other details
  • Home Depot Installers and Local Pros are committed to finding the right custom doors and configuration to meet your needs, budget and personal style

What types of exterior doors do you install?

  • The Home Depot does entry door installation, as well as a variety of garden and patio doors including sliding doors and French doors
  • We offer a full range of exterior door styles and features, such as sidelights, windows and transoms

What types of interior doors do you offer?

  • We offer accordion, barn, bi-fold, French, louvered, panel/standard, and sliding doors in a variety of materials, core and panel types, colors, and finishes

How long does it take to install exterior and interior doors?

  • A standard single door installation can be completed in 3-4 hours, while a standard double door installation can be completed in 4-5 hour; standard patio door installation typically takes 3-4

How long will it take for my exterior door to be delivered?

  • Once an order is submitted, exterior doors are typically delivered to the Installer within 8-12 weeks. Once received, a Home Depot Installer will contact you to schedule installation
  • Please discuss with your Home Depot Installer in order to plan and be clear on lead times and expectations
  • For interior doors, this timeline depends on your correspondence with your chosen Local Pro

Do you sell and install steel, fibreglass and wooden exterior doors?

  • We only install steel and fibreglass exterior doors. We do not sell or install wooden exterior doors

What’s the difference between a steel door and a fibreglass door?

  • Steel doors provide excellent security and affordability.
  • Fibreglass doors mimic wood stylistically, but are cheaper and require less maintenance

Why should I replace my exterior doors?

  • New exterior doors can boost your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency and security, and even raise the overall value of your home
  • Old exterior doors may be worn out, stylistically outdated or otherwise fail to meet your needs. They are often energy-inefficient, allowing drafts into your home

Do I need to purchase my new exterior doors separately?

  • No. During your free consultation, our Installers will help you choose from a range of custom exterior door installation options and provide their expertise

Do I need to purchase my new interior doors separately?

  • Not necessarily. Our interior doors are installed by Local Pros, which means that your installation will depend on the Local Pro you end up working with
  • Our Local Pros can help you choose from a range of custom door installation options and provide their expertise, as well as potentially provide a full supply and install service where they pick up your door and hardware for you
  • Be sure to clarify with your Local Pro and ask if they provide this service

What is a pre-hung door?

  • A pre-hung door is a door that comes mounted into a frame, where the entire piece can be installed at once
  • They also come with hinges attached, and other details you may have chosen to add to your custom door

How much does it cost to install a pre-hung exterior door?

  • The cost of installing a pre-hung door will depend on a number of factors, from the style and material you choose to the additional details (windows, sidelights, transoms, mouldings, etc.) you build onto your custom doors
  • All exterior door installations from The Home Depot are pre-hung exterior doors, custom-designed, measured, manufactured and delivered with a brand-new frame to fit the unique needs of your home

Is it better to install a pre-hung door?

  • Installing pre-hung exterior doors saves time and labour costs because they’re easier to install
  • They are also more aesthetically pleasing, since the doors are custom designed to match their frames
  • Since they’re built and designed with a matching frame, pre-hung exterior doors form a tighter seal with the frame when closed, improving energy efficiency and security

Will The Home Depot install doors bought elsewhere or in-store?

  • For exterior doors, the service includes the selection, purchase and installation of new custom exterior doors. Home Depot Installers will not install any doors purchased outside of this service
  • Similarly with interior doors, Local Pros work solely with Home Depot-purchased doors

Do my new doors come with handles and locks?

  • While this service includes installation of dead bolts, handlesets and other locks, you must purchase these items separately and have them available for our Installers at the time of your door installation appointment

Can I use my old lockset/handleset?

  • Yes, if the holes are drilled in identical locations

Can replacing my old door save me money on energy costs?

  • Some exterior door options are ENERGY STAR® rated, meaning they are designed to provide superior insulation for your home and reduce your energy costs
  • Interior doors can also help improve energy efficiency through air sealing and insulation, which makes it important to consider replacing old doors with more energy-efficient options

Will my door installation include a new door frame and threshold if needed?

  • Your door installation will include removing the old door and frame to make way for your new pre-hung door and frame
  • A door threshold is a necessary part of your new door and frame and is included in the installation service

Can I get door weather stripping included in my installation service?

  • Weather stripping helps prevent rain and water from entering your home, as well as keep interior air in
  • Weather stripping is a necessary component of your new exterior door and will be included in your exterior door installation

If my existing door frame is damaged, will it be replaced or repaired by the installer during installation?

  • Our door installation service only provides pre-hung doors; therefore, your existing door frame will be replaced with the one that comes with your new door

Why buy a solid core door rather than a hollow core door?

  • A solid core door is most appropriate if security, noise resistance or fire resistance is important
  • Hollow core doors are lighter in weight and are less susceptible to expansion and/or contraction

Need more information? Get more details about exterior door installation or interior door installation during your free consultation for your door installation needs in Brampton.

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