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Whether it’s an emergency, renovation or other home improvement project, an experienced plumber can help. Let The Home Depot Home Services connect you with a skilled Local Pro you can trust so you can easily take care of your plumbing needs.

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Need reliable plumbing repairs at an affordable rate? Hire a local, licensed plumbing professional through The Home Depot! The Local Pro Services from The Home Depot connects you with experienced, local residential plumbers working in your community. Only licensed and insured plumbers are eligible for our Local Pro Service, so you can be assured that your plumbing repair needs will be handled professionally and in a timely manner. Just submit your request online and let The Home Depot connect you with a Local Pro Plumber to handle all your residential plumbing needs.

Why Choose the Home Depot Local Pro Plumbing Service

✓ Trusted Local Plumbers In Nanaimo.

Our licensed plumbers have the knowledge and expertise to complete your plumbing repairs on time and on budget. You can be assured of the highest expertise – no matter who you hire!

✓ Stress-Free Repairs.

From building code compliance to pipe sizing our professional plumbers, our professional plumbers can take care of multiple tasks in a single visit for added peace of mind.

✓ Guaranteed Results

Our local plumbers guarantee the results of their work for one-year. That means any follow-up repairs are at no extra cost to you for one year after your initial visit. 

Plumbing Services Available

Whether it's a clogged drain, leaking sink, severe water damage or a plumbing emergency, our experienced, professional plumbers can help.

Plumbing Service

Request A Local Pro Plumber

Leak Repair

If you have water leaking out of your pipes, let us help! Choose from the best local plumbers in Nanaimo near you and hire a professional you can trust.


Request a Local Pro Plumber

Bathtub & Shower Pipe Repair

Hire an experienced, licensed plumber to fix the pipes in your bathtub or shower and prevent damage from leaks. Our Local Pro plumbers offer the best rates and service anywhere in Nanaimo.


Request a Local Pro Plumber

Sink Pipe Repair

Stop leaks, prevent flooding, and avoid costly water damage with trusted sink pipe repair from a local plumber in Nanaimo. We'll help you find the best options.


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Bathroom Pipe Repair

Let us help you find a skilled plumber near you to repair your leaking or otherwise broken bathroom pipes. You'll receive a reply within 24hrs from up to 3 of the best plumbers in Nanaimo.


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Bathtub & Shower Re-caulking

Keep your bathtub and shower looking clean while guarding against water damage. Hire a Local Pro Plumber for your shower re-caulking or bathtub re-caulking needs and prevent costly water repairs.


Request a Local Pro Plumber

Drain Cleaning

Find an experienced Local Pro to take care of pesky drain clogs and keep your drains clean and clear. Licensed plumbers in Nanaimo will respond within 24 hrs.


Request a Local Pro Plumber

How to Hire a Local Pro Plumber

Step 1

Submit your online request

Request a Local Pro and receive a response within 24hrs. To complete your online request for a local residential plumber all you need are the following:

  • Postal Code
  • Job Details
  • Contact Information
Step 2

Compare Local Plumbers In Nanaimo

Based on the specifications of your online request, you will be contacted by up to 3 of our trusted local plumbers with the most relevant services that match your request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability, and obtain a quote from those you choose to work with.
Step 3

Hire A Local Plumber of Your Choice

Hire the Local Pro plumber that best suits your needs and budget. After the project is complete, leave a review and share your feedback on the service and results you received.

plumbing services Jobs Completed in Nanaimo

Whether it’s an emergency, renovation or other home improvement project, an experienced plumber can help. Let The Home Depot Home Services connect you with a skilled Local Pro you can trust so you can easily take care of your plumbing needs.

What should I do next once I am matched with a Local Pro?

  • Take the time to qualify the Plumbing Services Local Pro for the job so that you are confident in your selection by reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers.
  • Verify that the information given to you by the plumber and in their profile is accurate and up to date.
  • Ask questions and compare answers to determine the best match for your plumbing repair needs.

What questions should I ask the Local Pros who contact me?

Here are some examples of important question that will help you assess each of the plumbers who will contact you and their offering:

  • Will you be working on my job yourself or will it be one of your employees?
  • Do you have liability insurance and Workers Compensation Board coverage?
  • How long have you been working as a plumber?
  • How and when will I be required to pay for the work?
  • Do you have any references you can provide me with?
  • Will you provide a written contract that specifies exactly the Plumbing Services you will provide?

Have additional questions? Read our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a Local Pro?

Local Pro makes it easy for you to connect with qualified, trusted plumbers in Nanaimo. Submit a request and receive a response from up to 3 local plumbers so you can compare services and rates.

The plumbers in our Local Pro Service are fully licensed professionals, background checked by The Home Depot. When you hire a local Pro, our service matches you with the best local professional, based on your criteria.

How do I get matched to a local plumber?

Plumbers are identified as a match based on the following criteria:

  • Location: We select plumbers based on proximity to your physical address, which can reduce the cost of your plumbing repairs.
  • Service Radius: Only licensed and insured plumbers serving your city or locality will be matched with you.
  • Expertise: Based on your specific repair needs, we select plumbers with experience and expertise relevant to your request (e.g. bathtub re-caulking, sink repair, leaking pipe, etc.).
  • Rate: Choose the range that best suits your budget, and we find plumbers within your range.
  • Availability: Let us know your preference and we’ll find up to 3 plumbers with matching availability.

Should I do the plumbing repairs myself?

Sometimes, hiring an experienced plumber isn’t just preferable; it’s necessary. Some of the more complex household plumbing jobs require specialized equipment, professional experience, or both, and attempting to take on a job without either can make problems worse. DIY is great if you want to learn new skills and have the time to do it. But if you don’t have the time or simply want help, hiring a licensed, experienced Plumbing Services Local Pro can make your life easier.

Is do-it-yourself plumbing repair cheaper than hiring a Local Pro Plumbing Service?

Not necessarily. While taking on plumbing repair work yourself does save you the cost of labour, it may not save you money overall. That’s because a licensed, experienced plumber is more likely to get the job done faster – and get it right. Remember, too, that a DIY plumbing repair error can have more serious consequences, up to and including floods. A leaking pipe, for instance, can give way to a deluge if handled incorrectly.

We strongly advise you to choose your DIY plumbing tasks carefully. If you have any doubts, find a licensed, experienced plumber to ensure you get the job done right.

How can I prevent flooding in my basement?

Being responsible about which items you put down your drains is the best way to avoid problems in your home’s plumbing. If you experience a leak or a flood, installing a water alarm near your water sources (shut-off valve, drains, hot water tank, etc.) is a good way either to prevent flooding, or at least catch it early.

In areas with a higher risk of storm drain flooding and sewage backups, consider getting a sump pump installed to help prevent floods and backups in your basement.

What should I do if I have a flood in my home?

1. First, try to stop the water at its source. Locate the shut-off valve and close it. This should stop any further flooding from occurring.

2. Turn off electricity if the water is at risk of exposure to electrical wiring, outlets or appliances.

3. Contact a plumber and request an emergency repair.

Why are fats, oils, and grease bad for my home’s plumbing?

Fats, oils and grease are all bad for plumbing because they tend to solidify in your pipes or become sticky, which over time increases the risk of clogged drains and flooding.

It is highly recommended that you dispose of all fats, oils, and grease in the garbage rather than down the drain. You can let it solidify first or collect it in a bottle for easy disposal.

Can my Local Pro plumber also repair sump pumps and septic tanks?

Yes. Many plumbing Local Pros will service and repair sump pumps and septic tanks.

Specify your needs clearly when completing your online request and our service will match you with a qualified plumber experienced in sump pump repairs and septic tank repairs.

Will my Local Pro plumber be able to take care of my home renovation needs?

In most cases, yes. Most plumbing Local Pros are available for a full range of plumbing services, from emergency repairs (clogged drain, leaks and flooding, etc.) to fixture upgrades (installing faucets and toilets, etc.) and home renovation jobs (installing new pipes and fixtures, etc.)p

Your plumber should be able to confirm, based on your inquiry, which services they offer.

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