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With The Home Depot Home Services, we can connect you with a qualified Local Pro you can trust for your Electrical Services needs. Hiring a licensed electrician makes it easier for you to take care of your home improvement projects, wherever or whenever they arise.

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Dealing with any electrical work for your home can be complicated. But with our Local Electricians, it becomes that much easier. Simply pick the electrical service you need done and get matched with up to 3 qualified and vetted Local Pro Electricians within 72 hours. Then, choose your preferred electrical contractor and get your project completed on your terms.

Why Choose a Local Pro Electrician

Save Time and Money

The DIY route can seem most rewarding but is not necessarily the quickest or cheapest – or, in the case of electrical work, the safest. That's because a Local Pro electrician has the skills and experience to get the job done right.

Stress Less

With a Local Pro, there's no need to hunt for the right tools and supplies and figure out the most efficient or correct way to do your electrical work - they take care of it for you.

Get Things Done

A professional electrician can take care of multiple jobs in a single visit. If you want new lighting fixtures installed and an electrical inspection done too, let your electrician know - and cross all those tasks off your list.

The Home Depot thrives off relationships. From customer and store to homeowners and local contractors, we not only provide an extensive list of home hardware products, but we also foster connections with hundreds of local, licensed trade professionals.

Get matched with some of the best certified electricians in Edmonton who have been independently background-checked. Then, let them help you take care of any electrical service your home needs, like smart home installation and electrical box installation.

When it comes to electrical jobs, hiring an experienced electrician helps ensure the proper functioning of all electrical wiring and the safety of electrical equipment. You can rest easy knowing that our electrical contractors serving Edmonton and the surrounding Alberta are handpicked based on expertise and accreditation and have the skills to execute any electrical project.

Ready for electrical inspection, installation, or repair?

How It Works

Step 1

Choose Your Electrical Service and Submit a Local Pro Request

Select from the available electrical services and submit your online request. You will be contacted by phone or email within 24 - 48 hours of your request. By choosing a Home Depot Local Pro, you support your local community and opt for a hassle-free service.
Step 2

Compare Local Electricians in Edmonton

After selecting your service and submitting a request, you will be contacted by up to three local electricians based on your job request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability and obtain a quote.
Step 3

Hire The Right Local Electrician For You

Once you've decided - hire the Local Pro that fulfills your criteria. After the job is complete, leave a review to share your experience of how it went, and help fortify our network of great electricians.

local pro electrical Jobs Completed in Edmonton

With The Home Depot Home Services, we can connect you with a qualified Local Pro you can trust for your Electrical Services needs. Hiring a licensed electrician makes it easier for you to take care of your home improvement projects, wherever or whenever they arise.

Why Choose Home Depot for Your Electrical Services?

Professional Installation

At your pre-scheduled appointment, the Installer will deliver your new doors and complete the installation. They will remove and dispose of your existing doors, then install the new ones.

Electrical Services Available in Edmonton

Ceiling Fan Installation

Improve air circulation and cut down on energy costs in your home with ceiling fan installation.

Find a Pro Electrician

Ceiling Fan Repair

Get an electrician to handle your ceiling fan repair or ceiling fan light repair needs and restore comfort in your home.

Find a Pro Electrician

Electrical Baseboard Installation

Efficiently warm up your home with electric baseboard heater installation.

Find a Pro Electrician

Electrical Inspection

Find an experienced Local Pro to do all your electrical testing - inspect your home wiring, electrical panel, outlets and fixtures, to ensure safety and recommend needed upgrades in your home.

Find a Pro Electrician

Electrical Panel Installation

Let a licensed electrician manage your electrical panel upgrade or electrical panel replacement to improve safety and efficiency in your home.

Find a Pro Electrician

Electrical Panel Upgrade & Repair

Hire an electrical technician to do your electrical panel upgrade or electrical panel repair to safeguard your home.

Find a Pro Electrician

Electrical Wiring Upgrade & Installation

Make sure your home is equipped with the best electrical wiring with a professionally done electrical wiring upgrade or electrical wiring installation.

Find a Pro Electrician

EV Charger Installation

Get your home electric vehicle charging installation done right by a qualified Local Pro.

Find a Pro Electrician

Holiday Light Installation – Advanced

Our advanced holiday light installation involves getting your home’s outdoor Christmas light installation done properly and improving visual appeal.

Find a Pro Electrician

Holiday Light Installation – Basic

Hire an experienced Local Pro to set up your basic outdoor holiday decorations.

Find a Pro Electrician

Holiday Light Removal

Time to remove your holiday decorations? Find a Local Pro to help remove your Christmas lights safely and efficiently.

Find a Pro Electrician

LED Interior Light Conversion

Converting fluorescent lights to LED can improve ambience and efficiency in your home. Get matched with licensed Local Pro electricians today!

Find a Pro Electrician

Spa Panel Installation & Repair

Get your hot tub up and running with professional spa panel installation or spa panel replacement done by a Local Pro.

Find a Pro Electrican

Outlet Installation

Get all your plug installation, electrical outlet installation, GFCI outlet installation and indoor or outdoor outlet installation needs fulfilled by a Local Pro.

Find a Pro Electrican

Outlet Repair

Replace faulty electrical outlet wiring, repair electrical plug wiring or get any other electrical outlet repair needs taken care of by an electrical repairman.

Find a Pro Electrican

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Connect with one of our Local Pros to get any outdoor lighting installation project completed safely and efficiently.

Find a Pro Electrican

Lighting Fixture Installation

Our Local Pro electricians can help you refresh and illuminate your space by installing new light fixtures.

Find a Pro Electrican

Light Switch Installation

Ditch the DIY and find an experienced Local Pro to complete your light switch replacement or light switch installation project to improve convenience and efficiency in your home.

Find a Pro Electrician


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a Local Pro?

  • The Home Depot uses the latest technology to match customers with a qualified and vetted Local Pro
  • Local Pros are also pre-screened so can put your full trust into their services. There’s no need to worry about quality of work – with reviews, references and our comprehensive background check, we’ve ensured that for you

How do I get matched to electricians?

  • You are connected to an Electrical Services Local Pro in your area based on job skills, geographic radius and availability to meet your request

How much does hiring an electrician cost?

  • The cost of your job will depend on a variety of factors unique to you and your home, the electrical work required, and the rate charged by the Electrical Services Local Pro you choose to hire
  • We recommend you contact more than one electrician to compare the services the electrical contractors offer and get more than one estimate before deciding on who to hire

Why shouldn’t I just do the electrical job myself?

  • For most electrical services, hiring an experienced electrician isn’t just preferable; it’s necessary. Certified electricians are licensed professionals whose jobs require expert knowledge, specialized equipment, or both
  • Attempting to take on some electrical jobs without either can pose a significant safety risk to you and your home

Is DIY cheaper than hiring a Local Pro for electrical services?

  • Not necessarily. While taking on electrical work yourself would save you labour costs, it may not save you money overall. That’s because a licensed electrical contractor is more likely to get the job done fast – and get it right
  • A DIY electrical repair error can have more serious consequences than most other DIY-related errors. Faulty wiring or improperly installed electrical components can cause fire, electrocution, or damage your home’s electronics and appliances, especially if handled incorrectly

Does it cost to request a Local Pro?

  • There is no cost to request a Local Pro, nor to get matched to them
  • After connecting with up to three Local Pros, you can vet and select the Local Pro that fits your budget and schedule

It’s been over 72 hours and no Local Pros have contacted me. What happens now?

In the rare event that none of the three Local Pros have contacted you within that time, you will be automatically re-matched to up to three new Local Pros via email

What do I do if there are no Local Pros available near me?

We are constantly adding new Pros, so we hope to have Pros available in your area soon. Please ensure the postal code you have entered is where you’d like the service to happen

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